Opambour, Obofour, Kyiri Abosom are fake pastors – Father of 'posessed girl' claims

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Sun, 26 Aug 2018 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Prince Lamptey, father of a 14-year-old girl who has been captured by a river god after her uncle had sex with her at a riverside, claims some renowned prophets in Ghana - Ebenezer Adarkwah Yiadom popularly known as Prophet One, Reverend Obofour aka Asanteman Bofour and Osofo Kyiri Abosom are all fake pastors.

According to him, he took his daughter who has been possessed by a deity to these men of God for deliverance but none of them was able to even tell what exactly was wrong with his daughter.

“We went to Prophet One’s church at Kumasi, went through counselling section but my daughter revealed some ‘evil deeds’ of that pastor,” he claimed.

He added that the man of God later told them to come at another time because of what his daughter was saying.

“When I got to Rev. Obofour’s church, my daughter defeated the man of God. He (Rev Obofour) tried giving my daughter ‘witches shea butter’ but my daughter had to ‘fight’ him and challenge his ‘powers’ of healing the sick” Prince Lamptey observed.

He reiterated that his daughter had to point to some ‘fake’ sick people at Obofour’s church to prove that indeed he is fake after all.

However, he continued that it was only Prophet Obinim who was able to direct him on what to do.

“It is Rev. Daniel Obinim who told me to give whatever the river god is demanding before my daughter can be delivered,” he emphasized.

Prince Lamptey told Kofi Adomah Nwanwanii on Kofi TV that a teacher at her daughter’s school in Kumasi was the first to tell him about what is wrong with his daughter.

He said he got furious when such a question came from the teacher but later the teacher explained that he thinks his daughter is possessed by an evil spirit and that the early he seeks help for her the better.

Prince Lamptey recounted an incidence at his daughter’s school where she was arrested for hitting a student’s head with a stick because the river god asked for blood.

“The spirit asked for blood that is why I had to hit the student with a stick,” Mr Lamptey said on Kofi TV.

“My daughter was once naked and tried kissing me one afternoon whilst asleep” he added.

He said he quickly woke up, flogged the daughter for trying to do such an abominable act.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com