General News Wed, 3 Dec 2003

Opposition Parties Rig Elections Too – Aryeh

The NDC General Secretary, Dr Josiah Aryeh has admitted that it is not only parties in government that possess what it takes to cheat during elections, and that parties in opposition are no different when it comes to rigging. He has therefore called for a stronger electoral system to help check the malpractice.

He said “although many tend to accuse sitting governments of manipulating elections, it is equally possible that opposition parties may also manipulate elections, particularly in their strongholds”.

Dr Aryeh made the ‘confession’ at Ho, Volta Region, when he delivered a paper at an Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) organized seminar on the theme: “Towards Free, Fair and Peaceful Elections”.


The statements which were found unbelievable in the face of the fact that the Doctor had persistently accused the ruling NPP government of rigging in all six by-elections held last year; even though he knew very well that some of the constituencies were his party’s strongholds, could not have come at a better time.

The General Secretary further hinted that “where the electoral system is corrupt and weak, a party may well render its strong-holds no go areas with a view to cheating and maximizing electoral returns, adding that cheating may either involve outright statistical manipulation or the direct influencing of less educated electorate.

Expressing his concerns on what pertains (behind the scenes) in traditional strongholds, Dr Aryeh again admitted that the use of ‘macho’ men have steeply changed the election atmosphere, and called for disbanding of such groups as paramilitary and private armies deployed on election day because, according to him, “they belong to fascism and have no place in democratic culture”.

Source: Chronicle