Organizations must be disinfected from serving as coronavirus breeding-ground – Dansworld CEO

Wed, 20 Jan 2021 Source: Ibs Sackey-Rockson, Contributor

The Chief Executive Officer of Dansworld International Services Limited, Mr Bernard Danso Ntow insists organizations and event centres must disinfect and fumigate their premises.

This is to make sure it doesn’t serve as a COVID-19 breeding-ground.

He raised the issue amidst the current surge of new COVID=19 cases. Mr Bernard Danso Ntow who met with some stakeholders today who have been in the fight against COVID-19 spread made the point in their interaction at his Spintex office.

He stated that “It would surprise you to know that, private and public organizations and various centres are now breeding-grounds for the increase in COVID-19 cases. That’s why I maintain that Organizations, Event Centres must be disinfected and fumigated from serving as Covid-19 breeding-grounds”.

He also added that the focus shouldn’t only be on schools and specific institutions as the sharp surge of the cases requires that we disinfect and fumigate every possible place of gathering of people.

Furthermore, he corroborated the Government’s directive that we must all abide by Covid-19 protocols, such as wearing masks, washing of hands etc.

Mr Bernard Danso Ntow is a stakeholder in environmental management services and has undertaken a host of fumigation and disinfection in market places. He was tasked with the Volta Region market and lorry places various phases of disinfection and has unilaterally also fumigated places for free.

Dansworld International Services Limited is an indigenous environmental management company that specializes in disinfection, fumigation, cleaning and other activities.

Source: Ibs Sackey-Rockson, Contributor