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Oseadeyo Kwasi Akuffo II is new Okuapehene

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Mon, 4 May 2020 Source:

Correspondence from Eastern Region

34-year-old Odehye Kwadwo Kesse has finally completed all customary rites and has ascended the Ofori Kumah Stool as the new Okuapehene with the stool name, Oseadeyo Kwasi Akuffo II.

He succeeds the late Oseeadeyo Addo Dankwa III who died in 2015 after being on the throne for over 41 years.

After going through the various installation processes last Friday, May 1, the new Okuapehene was sworn-in on Sunday at a closed-door ceremony under tight security with respect to the public gathering and social distancing law.

All five Divisional Chiefs of Akuapem including Adonteng, Gyaase, Kronti, Nifa and Benkum were present at the ceremony where the new Okuapehene swore his oath to them and they also swore their allegiance to him as tradition demands.

Since 2015 after the demise of the late Okuapehene, Oseadeyo Addo Dankwa III, fierce litigation over who to succeed him ensued round the Ofori Kumah Stool.

While the Abrewatia of Sakyiabea Royal House, whose turn it was to nominate a successor to the stool, had nominated then Odehye Kwadwo Kesse to the kingmakers, the Okuapehemea (Queen mother) had unilaterally appointed her preferred candidate from the same Sakyiabea House and installed him as Chief.

Uncomfortable with the development, the Abrewatia, Madam Lily Nana Agyeman petitioned the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs to ascertain whether or not it is the Okuapehemea who should nominate a candidate to the throne.

After three years of legal tussle, the Judicial Committee of the Regional House of Chiefs ruled that it is the Abrewatia of every Royal House who has the mandate to nominate a candidate to the Ofori Kumah Stool and not the Queen mother.

The Judicial Committee, therefore, annulled the Queen's choice and ordered him never to parade himself anywhere as Chief of Akuapem.

Following the judgement given, majority of the kingmakers of Akuapem, eight in number, went ahead to start traditional processes and installed the Abrewatia's candidate, Kwadwo Kesse, as the next Okuapehene on Friday, May 1.

Subsequently on Sunday, May 3, the new Okuapehene was sworn-in, under the stool name Oseeadeyo Kwasi Akuffo II, in the presence of all personalities who matter in the Akuapem chieftaincy.

In his short address after the swearing of oaths, the new Okuapehene, Oseadeyo Kwasi Akuffo II, called for unflinching support from his Elders and the Divisional Chiefs.

He contended that as young as he is, he could not reign successfully without the support, directions and guidance of his Elders.

Oseadeyo Nana Kwasi Akuffo II said he would subject himself to the needed counsels and experiences from the Elders and would work hard at restoring unity and to advance development for Okuapeman.

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