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Otiko Djaba on why she was tagged arrogant

Otiko Djaba667 Afisa Otiko Djaba, Former Minister of Gender, Women and Social Protection

Wed, 10 Mar 2021 Source:

Former Minister of Gender, Women and Social Protection, Afisa Otiko Djaba has charged women in the country not to be intimidated by men who do not respect them.

She said growing up as a young girl, she got to know women are not respected so she took it upon herself not to be intimidated and deterred in aspiring for high goals in life.

Madam Otiko Djaba, who is also the Founder of Henry Djaba Memorial Foundation, made this known in an interview with Onua TV on Tuesday, March 9.

She said in Twi that “I realized men do not respect women. I decided to speak my mind and that made people believe I was arrogant and that I do not respect”.

She added: “I was nicknamed Magaret Thatcher just because I spoke my mind and was ready not to allow anyone to overtake me. But that did not deter me. I will not allow you to cheat on me.”

The former Minister explained that it is ignorant for people to nickname women who are vocal and bold in life. “If because of that you will nickname me, it’s your ignorance. It is time to take daring actions to support women,” she demanded.

She explained that men are not superior to women because both were created the same.