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Our coupons are due every Monday – Pensioner bondholders announce new picketing days

Pensioners Picket 6 Pensioners protest against debt exchange programme at the Ministry of Finance

Thu, 22 Jun 2023 Source:

Pensioner bondholders have stated that their coupons are scheduled for payment every Monday.

Consequently, they anticipate that each due coupon will be paid no later than Wednesday of the same week.

The convener of the pension bondholders group, Dr Adu Anane Antwi, informed Valentina Ofori-Afriyie during Class91.3FM's mid-day news programme, 12 Live, on Wednesday, 21 June 2023:

"We have already informed the government that whenever a coupon is due—coupons are always due on Monday—on that Monday, they would not say anything; on Tuesday, they would not say anything; but if, by the end of Wednesday, we have not received anything, then we understand that the government will not make the payment. Therefore, on Thursday and Friday, we will be present at the Ministry of Finance."

Dr Anane Antwi stated that "as long as the government continues to delay the payment," the pensioners would stage a protest at the ministry. He emphasised that they had decided not to visit on Monday when the payment was due because they believed that if the government intended to make the payment, instructions would be given on that Monday, and by Tuesday, they should receive the funds.

"Payment should be received by Wednesday at the latest, and if it is not received by Wednesday, then we should protest," he stressed.

He added, "If there are no outstanding coupons, there will be no protest."

When asked about the sustainability of the protests, Dr Adu Anane Antwi replied, "If that is what you need to do to receive your money, then you don't even question whether it is sustainable or not. That is what you must do because if you don't, you won't get the money."

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