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Ozone cleaning and disinfecting system launched in Ghana

From a correspondent

After introducing the country´s first locally assembled solar panels, Atlas Business and Energy Systems (ABES) Limited, a Ghanaian establishment pioneering the use of green and environmentally friendly technologies, has introduced onto the Ghanaian market an innovative ozone cleaning and disinfecting system. The new product, ElozoG150, is a powerful, portable ozone generator designed to remove foul odors (odor molecules and microscopic impurities such as various microorganisms) in new and old apartments, offices and vehicles and from problem areas such as buildings that suffer from moisture, mould or smoke damage. The system is also designed to reduce microbial impurities from clothes, shoes and other portable gear and items.

Emmanuel Ndzibah, Vice President at ABES, explained at the launch of the product in Accra last week that the ElozoG150 is very useful in ensuring high standards of hygiene in health facilities. “Our health centres usually clean their laboratories and theaters with detergents and disinfectants that fail to take care of airborne microorganisms and pathogens that pose a threat to both patients and health attendants,” Mr Ndzibah observed. “Because the ozonation process treats the surrounding air in addition to all surfaces, entering all pores and openings, the ElozoG150 leaves the treated space thoroughly clean,” he added. Explaining the oxidization process, the ABES boss who doubles as a researcher in green technologies stated that Ozone is a tri-atomic oxygen molecule created from the normal oxygen in the atmosphere which is a bi-atomic oxygen molecule.

According to him, Ozone is highly oxidating (more than for example chlorine that is normally used in cleaning), with functions that eliminate microscopic impurities such as odor molecules, bacteria, mold and yeast that cause smells.

“As ozone is a gas, it efficiently reaches pores and holes in rugged surfaces which may be difficult to clean with conventional methods,” he pointed out.


The generator requires only electricity in order to function and is suitable for use in health centers, hospitals, banking floors and conference rooms, office buildings, apartments, hotels, restaurants, factories, warehouses and schools. The devise is useful to renovators, janitors, car dealers, fire and rescue services, taxi and transport companies, airlines, buses and boats.

The Elozo G150 comes along with an optional solar kit that makes it useful in blackout situations and in areas without access to electricity.

The technology is an invention of Elozo Oy, Finland, and is deployed in Africa by Atlas Business and Energy Systems.

Managing Director of ABES, Nathaniel Gyibah, expressed satisfaction at the relationship between his company and Finnish companies such as ELOZO OY which ensures that Ghanaians benefit from time-tested and environmentally friendly technologies, aimed at making our world a safer place.

The new ElozoG150

Source: Financial Intelligence