General News Sun, 9 Sep 2018

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Panellists on this week’s Newsfile discussed major news items that made the headlines throughout the week.

The on-going transformation of the banking sector by the current Bank of Ghana head and the government still made the headlines as parliament began to probe into the decision to collapse 7 banks.

The probe has divided the nation, as there are some who believe the in-camera approach adopted by the House isn't the best way to go and that it should be made public for all to watch.

Meanwhile, after days of the parliamentary probe, it is been reported that PwC has recovered huge sums of money from the banking rot.

Also making headline is the infamous $2 billion Sinohydro deal. Vice President at a meeting of business tycoons gave a detailed breakdown of what the deal entails and insisted it was a barter trade where Government will enter into an agreement with a separate entity to mine and refine the country's bauxite and the refined product used to pay the Chinese for work done.


He added that the Chinese are only to provide and prefinance projects in the country worth $2 billion as that will be the basis for payments.

The minority, however, remains adamant the deal is a loan and not a barter. Their petition to the IMF rep in Ghana, however, still hangs in the air as the representative in Ghana requested more time to determine if it is indeed a barter or a loan.

Away from that, the National Cathedral debate continues to divide the nation as many have called as some have called for the idea to be remodelled to include other religious sects.

The Ghana Catholic Bishops' Conference this week announced that they were not involved in the decision-making process as an association stressing that former Archbishop of Accra Palmer-Buckle was on the committee in his individual capacity.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com