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PNC Solidarise With New Patriotic Party

PNC Solidarise With New Patriotic Party

Sat, 7 Aug 2010 Source: Ghana Celebrities

On the auspicious occasion of the National Delegates’ Conference of the New Patriotic Party scheduled for August 7, 2010, the People’s National Convention wishes the NPP incident free election. The survival of the NPP is essential for the growth of multiparty democracy in Ghana.

The Election as the PNC understands is to elect one out of five distinguished members of the NPP to anchor the fortunes of the Party in election 2012. The PNC is confident that the NPP would conduct this election with utmost decency. The NPP has taking giant step in enlarging the number of persons that will choose their standard bearer. This enlargement has its own dynamics particularly when this is the first time that this is done in the political annals of the country. This requires diligence as the haphazard handling of the process may undermine the cohesion that the party urgently need.

It is our hope that the NPP delegates would be guided in choosing a personality that best represents the hopes and aspirations of the party in the coming years. The PNC would soon be embarking on our own in the hope that we would contest election 2012 with whoever is elected by the NPP. It must be stated that the PNC is the longest opposition since the inception of the fourth republic and so the NPP flag bearer so elected must adjust for formidable contests in election 2012. On behalf of the Leader, Dr. Edward Mahama and the entire National Executive Committee of the PNC, I wish the NPP the very best in this endeavour. We pray that the best man will win to stay the NPP in our democratic experiment.

Bernard Mornah General Secretary

Source: Ghana Celebrities