General News Mon, 1 Sep 2008

PNC deplores NPP's "politics of discrimination"

Accra, Sept. 1, GNA - The People's National Convention (PNC) on Monday stated its disappointment and disapproval at pronouncements by the running mate to the NPP flag bearer, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, which it claimed were "igniting and inciting politics of discrimination at Sissala".

The PNC therefore called on Ghanaians to shun politicians, especially the NPP, "whose stock in trade is to penalise and deny people the enjoyment of their basic rights - in this case, freedom of association".

Dr Bawumia was alleged to have stated at Sissala that the underdevelopment of the traditional area was due to the people's refusal to vote for the NPP over the years.

"Our surprise is not because we are not aware of NPP's discriminated development politics but that this call was made at the home of President Dr. Hilla Limann, a man whose administration as president, sought development for all persons and all Ghanaians without bias as to which region/area voted for him or otherwise," a PNC statement signed by Mr Bernard Mornah, PNC General Secretary, said. "Dr Bawumia and his NPP cannot intimidate the people of Ghana into submission; neither will the people be cowed into timidity. This certainly amounts to oppression and suppression of citizens' rights - a fundamental human value that the NPP pay lip service to," the statement obtained by the Ghana News Agency said.

"We are enjoined by our national anthem to resist oppressors' rule, and resist, we shall."


The PNC noted that Dr Bawumia, by his pronouncement, had exposed the NPP government's policy of unfair distribution of national resources based on affiliation and political connection. The PNC said Dr Bawumia's suggestion that the NPP government's development policy was limited to regions or people who voted for the party was at best absurd.

"Ghana belongs to all and our national resources must get to all irrespective of which political party they ascribe and subscribe to. Dr. Bawumia's effusion only supports the general view that the NPP is anchored on favouritism, nepotism, tribalism and greed," the statement said.

"We in the PNC fail to tolerate any such politics in our national life. We recognise that the people of Ghana have an undeniable right to free association."

"We further recognise that in the exercise of that right, no person should be discriminated against, denied or deprived of their share in access to national 'goodies'. To use the need for development as a trap to the people of Sissala to vote for NPP smacks on the beauty and essence of democracy," the PNC noted.

Source: GNA