Patriotic Professionals Integrated screen Accra New Town residents

Patriotic Prof  Screening Some members of the Patriotic Professionals in a photo with some residents

Sun, 18 Oct 2020 Source: Patriotic Professionals Integrated

Patriotic Professionals Integrated Ghana, a NGO involved in poverty alleviation programmes, held an all-day Health Screening Exercise on Saturday October 17, 2020, at Accra New Town in the Ayawaso Central Constituency.


The program was held in collaboration with Henry Quartey, the incumbent Member of Parliament for the constituency, in support of his and the NPP government’s re-election campaign.


The event started at 10am and ended at 6pm with three doctors in attendance and a full complement of nurses, lab. technicians and pharmacists.


About 300 hundred patients were screened for malaria, hypertension and diabetes among other ailments and supplied with drugs. Patients with more serious cases were referred to hospital for further treatment.


The doctors addressed the public at the outset on prevent health practices, the need for regular health check-ups and adherence to medical advice. This being the Breast Cancer Week, special attention was given to personal early detection methods and the advantage of timely medical care.


In addition to the medical screening, some members of Patriotic Professionals Integrated Ghana, teamed up with the local Youth Wing of the NPP to engage in House to House visitations both to encourage attendance to the Health Screening Exercise and also highlight to need to re-elect the Mp and the government to serve for four more years.


MP Henry Quartey highlighted the achievements of the government, emphasizing especially on the social intervention policies that have directly impacted the lives of all Ghanaians, and encouraged all to vote massively for ‘Four More Years For Henry’ and ‘Four More Years For Nana To Do More’ to improve their lives.


Patriotic Professionals Integrated Ghana presented two hundred branded Tee Shirts and Five Thousand Printed materials to the MP to support his campaign efforts.

The group will hold another screening exercise next week for the people in the Trobu Constituency. The member of Parliament for the area Moses Anim is expected to be in attendance.

Source: Patriotic Professionals Integrated
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