Pay more attention to Christmas fires - GNFS cautions public

Ghana National Fire Service Car The Ghana National Fire Service

Fri, 18 Dec 2020 Source: GNA

The Central Regional Command of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) has called on the public to religiously observe fire safety precautions before, during, and after the Christmas festivities.

The Service described the month of December as the peak period for fire outbreaks following the onset of harmattan and so the public should be wary and help prevent fire incidents during the Yuletide and beyond.

Divisional Office (DO) III, Abdul Wasiu Hudu, the Central Regional Public Relations Officer of the GNFS who gave the advice expressed concern over the reluctance of some people to adhere to fire safety measures provided by the Service.

He asked the public to be mindful of the use and management of fire and other sources of heat and warned against the practice of overloading electrical sockets, improper and careless use of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), naked electrical wires in homes and offices, and improper handling of flammable liquids.

He said the kitchen or the home, farms, workplaces, and entertainment joints must be well managed.

He further advised operators of drinking spots, pubs, restaurants, and nightclubs which are highly patronised in such times to be cautious and strictly monitor the systems they set up to provide food, drinks, and entertainment.

They must check leakages on their cylinders and the hoses connecting cylinders and stoves and desist from putting heavy objects such as stones on cylinders and keep lit candles away from combustible materials, stop refueling generators when in use and not dispose of insecticide cans in fires.

Touching on the sprawling high-rise buildings, he revealed that his outfit's equipment cannot fight fires beyond the fifth floors of any building and occupants must be cautious to prevent fire.

"It is frightening considering the current increase in high-rise buildings in the Region," he said, adding that should fire break out in any high-rise building, the fire service may not be able to save the situation.

Source: GNA