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Paying school fees still herculean task for most families in Africa - Report

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Sat, 25 Mar 2023 Source:

A new World Bank Report says payment of school fees is giving many families in sub-Saharan Africa a financial headache, creating a barrier to education.

It also states that about 54 percent of the adult population is extremely concerned about paying for their children’s education and that 29 percent is more concerned about paying school fees than monthly bills, such as medical expenses.

The report, titled Global Findex Database for 2022, is the Bank’s definitive source of data on global access to financial services, from payments to savings and borrowing.

Economic challenges contribute to the fact that Africa has the highest rates of education exclusion among the six developing regions in the world. Since the economy in Africa empowers men more than women, the burden of worry affects mostly females.

The report stated that their most significant financial worry was at 31 percent, compared with 26 percent of men.

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