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People & Places: The ancestral cave at the Abetifi Stone Age Park and everything you’ll find there

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Tue, 19 Sep 2023 Source:

In the last episode of People & Places on GhanaWeb TV, focus was placed on the story about the landfill site that was converted into a serene eco-park in the heart of Kwahu; the Abetifi Stone Age Park.

Mr. Ben Addo, the founder had shed light on how having been gifted a land by the Kwahu Chiefs, he invested in the area and made some really beautiful creations including a man-made waterfall from the area.

This week on the show, we highlight some interesting discoveries made by Wonder Ami Adu-Asare and the team at an ancestral cave at the park.

The cave called Bosompra dates back to some over 12,000 years. With carvings and sculptures that almost look like humans, Ben Addo has told stories of the kind of life these people lived when they occupied this area.

The cave is considered a god.

According to him, they were not only hunters and gatherers but also protectors of the land they owned.

Today, Mr. Ben Addo says that the place serves as a tourist site for many; Ghanaians and visitors alike where people come to learn about the rich history of the place and have a view of nature while enjoying serenity.

He intends to expand the facility to build a museum that will serve as a cradle of history for all who tour the area.

Watch a video his interview below:

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