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People & Places: Uncovering a beautiful animal island hidden in Accra

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Tue, 18 Jul 2023 Source:

It’s a beauty yet to be fully unearthed; a mini zoo in the heart of Accra, specifically in Ada. It is one of the 30 islands located in Ada where tourism is very popular.

On this island are various interesting animals including pythons, crocodiles, some species of wild cats, fishes, and monkeys among others.

Located some minutes away from Adafoh, the tour requires a boat ride from Azizanya.

People & Places decided to visit the place to uncover what the island has and discovered that the place has been operational for well over some 10 years.

Tour Guide, Dubgatey told the team that the animals were retrieved through various means. While some were introduced to the island, others were discovered on the island.

“We have 3 crocodiles; that’s the adult ones and about 8 of the medium-sized ones and 9 babies in the pond. They eat chicken,” Dugbatey explained.

He also spoke about the pig-nosed turtle and the tortoise which share a space with the baby crocodiles.

In the pond at the island were also various species of fishes including tilapia and mudfish.

Discover more in this full interview as Nanor Yakub Dugbatey takes us around the Ada Island Zoo:


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