Peter Ainoo Hasford Trust unveiled

Hasford Family Group.jpeg Members of the Peter Hasford and Advantage Group Family

Wed, 20 Nov 2019 Source: independentghana.com

No amount of words can compare favourably to the invaluable work Peter Ainoo Hasford did in his active years. Gladly, his contribution, worth emulating by today and tomorrow’s generations, will echo through the corridors of time, as we unveil in his honour, this significant Trust.

Peter Ainoo Hasford (PAH), was diligent and devoted, firm and fair, Astute and modest in the discharge of every duty, in any shape or form. Peter Ainoo Hasford begun as a young Accountant in UAC, known today as Unilever Ghana.

He later joined Afromedia, where he cut his teeth in Advertising. In his professional career, Peter Ainoo Hasford helped pioneer the advertising industry with his partners, and established the Advantage Group, out of which came Lintas Ghana, the sister company of Afromedia.

This foremost fully Ghanaian-owned Marketing Support Communications and Advertising Business, has continued since, to create value and impact lives in different ways as a result of a well-honed legacy. In his active years as the Commercial Director of Lintas Ghana, and one time Board Chairman, Peter Hasford guided the business with his unprecedented in-depth knowledge to expand, and even set up offices in Liberia and Sierra Leone, at the time when regional affiliation was almost non-existent.

Today, the Advantage Group has grown from two businesses established during his tenure, into a conglomerate of at least 5 establishments.

From the industry perspective, Peter Ainoo Hasford’s expertise and invaluable contribution, were too conspicuous to go unnoticed, such that the Advertising Association of Ghana, which he helped establish, conferred on him, the Adverting Personality in the year 2005.

Source: independentghana.com