Police going for operations in taxis unacceptable – Security Consultant

Ghana Police?fit=400%2C250&ssl=1 File photo: Police officers have been cautioned against using taxis for operations

Thu, 4 Feb 2021 Source: 3news.com

A Security Expert has raised concerns over the safety of police officers following reports of the shooting of two officers in the Eastern Region.

Commenting on the incident on the Sunrise Morning Show on 3FM 92.7, Security Consultant Richard Kumadoe said: “The police should take up the responsibility and avoid people and police going to the field not prepared in a taxi when people are wielding AK 47, they will gun them down any day, anytime”.

According to Mr Kumadoe, the Pramkese incident may not be the only case as police officers travelling in rickety vehicles sometimes to make arrests is widespread.

He added that, although not clear the total stock of police vehicles presently, the Service has over the past 3 years received hundreds of vehicles both from the government and donors, including China.

“The way they even allocate their cars is even a mess. If you should go and see who has which car and what they are using it for, and I think governments over the years have also realized the inadequacies in as much as the ineffective nature of the police people maintaining their service vehicles and who has which car and accountability nature. When you go to the Ghana Police Headquarters you will see it at the very top they have a ‘big’ man sitting there in charge of services and yet when the issue of accountability is demanded of them they also falter. The police must be in a position to take care of their personal responsibilities” he said

Source: 3news.com
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