General News Tue, 6 Mar 2018

Police must use the church platform to fight crime – Pastor

Rev David Nabegmado with some church members who took part in the blood donation exercise


Reverend David Nabegmado, Senior Pastor of the Central Assemblies of God Church, Tema Community Four, has urged the Ghana Police Service to collaborate with the church by using the church platform to wage war against armed robbery.

He said the church can offer invaluable support by using its platform to talk to society on how to help fight crime and solicit information from the church.

Rev. Nabegmado who made the suggestion during a blood donation exercise as part of the 50th anniversary of the Central Assemblies of God church said the church is determined to bring personnel of the security services to the church to highlight the tit-bits of crime for members to be aware and help fight the upsurge of crime.

Touching on the blood donation exercise, he said the exercise was to help Ghana to promote good health for their member’s and to let them know that since it’s the 50th anniversary of the church they can give gifts which is blood.

“Fifty years stands for a year of freedom, jubilee, a year to release somebody who is in prison, somebody you owe you forgive him or you cancel the debt”, Rev. Nabegmado stated.

The man of God said the church is using its 50th anniversary to set people free from shortage of blood and to give voluntarily to the blood bank at the Tema General Hospital which is suffering from shortage of blood.


Dr. Lenusia Ahlijah, Head of the Medical team of the exercise urged the members of the public to normally go for health screening to know their health status.

She expressed worry of the usual Ghanaian culture of I feel well syndrome, adding most people don’t go for routine checkup.

Another member of the team, Dr. Awadzi added that the screening which was also extended to cover children observed that most children are not dewormed for a long time.

“ Usually children pick up a lot of things by playing with their friends from the ground and sometimes the food that they are given especially from school are not really prepared under good hygienic conditions so they tend to have a lot of worm infestations and the prime aim is to deworm them as often as possible”, Dr. Awadzi said.

She urged parents to continue to deworm their children long after the exercise to ensure their children are healthy.

Source: Mark Boye