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‘Policemen on duty at Ayawaso were not sharp enough' - Regional Director of Operations

Kwesi Fori78 Regional Director of operations for Accra, Chief Superintendent Akwasi Ofori

Thu, 28 Feb 2019 Source:

Proactivity on the part of police officers deployed during the Ayawaso West Wuogon polls was rather low, Accra Regional Director of Operations, Chief Superintendent, Akwesi Ofori has stated. It would have saved a lot of trouble he said if there was swift action on their part to report the movement of the masked men in the police vehicle.

According to him, the standard practice would have been for the policemen to report the strange movement of the masked men.

"The men were not sharp enough because in police practice the best thing to do is to report any strange movement of people," he said.

He stated that it was alarming and not normal for the police officers to ignore such scenes without reporting them.

ASP Ofori said he witnessed such a scene during the NDC congress last year at the Trade fair and with the help of his colleagues, the order was restored and in due time.

"The men were heavily built and they looked terrified, so I together with other commanders ordered them out and so we used the few facilities around to move them out" he recounted.

He said, the situation is not the best and for that matter, the political class must look into it and consider it a matter of importance.

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