General News Tue, 1 Feb 2000

President Rawlings Criticizes Undemocratic Structure Of The WTO

President Jerry John Rawlings has attributed the failure of the Ministerial Meeting of the World Trade Organisation in Seattle to the fact that developing countries are resentful about the undemocratic structure of the organization and its operations.

According to President Rawlings the Seattle Experience has brought to the fore the need for the international community to ensure that all stakeholders in the global economy participate in the decision making process of the multilateral trade system. Speaking at an end of year reception for diplomats at the Castle, Osu, the President reaffirmed government's commitment to develop the private sector to play a leading role in the crusade for economic growth, employment and prosperity in the country.


President Rawlings said if encouraged, the private sector has the potential to help diversify the country's exports and develop a broader and stronger production base in order to make the economy less vulnerable to unstable commodity prices and the negative effects of globalisation.

In the next general elections, President Rawlings said measures have been taken to ensure that the election is free and fair. He therefore expressed his government?s appreciation to donor countries, which have so far assisted in the Ghanaian democratic process and hoped that they will continue to offer invaluable assistance in the future.

Source: JoyFM