Prez Mahama betrays northerners

President John Mahama Potriat

Mon, 19 Nov 2012 Source: Daily Searchlight Newspaper

President John Dramani Mahama is busy inciting tribalism and begging that his fellow northerners should give him their votes because he is one of them.

However, the evidence is that in spite of the decades that he has spent in public life (as Member of Parliament, Deputy Minister, Minster, and Vice President) he has done very little by way of efforts to improving the lot of northerners all the same, because he is one of them.

Worse, of late he has managed to find millions of cedis and dollars to fund the distribution of free Land Cruisers, Hyundai saloon cars, motorbikes, seeking to buy his way into power. But this is happening at a time when many children from the north, where he hails from, are getting educated under the very worst of conditions.

Recently, Mr. Bernard Mornah, the General Secretary of the People’s National Convention (PNC) who is also a parliamentary candidate, penned a heart-breaking letter to his friends in the media, detailing the horrible story of the children of Kulkpara, who are getting educated under conditions that can best be described as heart-rending.

Bernard Mornah writes: “Dear comrade, education they say is the most effective social equalizing factor in any social order. These pictures are indeed in my opinion a vivid depiction of how some communities in our nation are undergoing in education.

Kulkpara is a small farming community in the Wa Municipality that is without any educational facility yet the determination of the chief and people not to be left out in education has led to their construction of a shed where children in the Kulkpara community are mobilized and taught by some of the community persons who have little appreciation of English. The question is what are they being taught by these non-professional teachers at basic level? Is it possible that they may be polluted from the start with wrong stuff, which would have lasting effect of their educational rise?

Your guess is as good as mine. Please publish in any form you think fits. Cheers”.

This was sent by Mr. Mornah. One wonders if he sent a copy to President Mahama.

Source: Daily Searchlight Newspaper