General News Sat, 19 Mar 2016

Printer’s devil hits Mahama in Scotland

There has not been a letup to the streak of the printer’s devil to hit President John Mahama, the textual shortcoming now chasing him to the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, where an honorary degree of Doctor of Law (LLD) was conferred upon him yesterday.

The cover of the programme for the event at the Scottish University was not spared a textual blunder after President John Dramani Mahama’s surname appeared as Mahami.

With their newfound penchant for proofreading and identifying blunders, Ghanaians, smarting from the recent 59th Independence Anniversary error-riddled brochure brouhaha, quickly spotted the printer’s devil and shared same on social media.

The mistake also appeared in the programme line-up, giving credence to the fact that after all the printer’s devil is not a Ghanaian disease.

There are those saying it was social media hoax, blaming the opposition elements for its creation.

The error has triggered the question as to whether there is a jinx about any textual stuff pertaining to the president to the extent that regardless of the amount of proofreading that goes into them, they fall prey to the printer’s devil.

While some blame the University of Aberdeen brochure blunder on the university authorities, others think otherwise, arguing that after all the Scots depended on the input of their guests.

In other words, those responsible for the independence brochure fed the Scots with similar blunder-riddled inputs resulting in interchanging Mahama for Mahami.

The errors in the independence anniversary brochure of a fortnight or so ago continue to resonate in various circles in both Ghana and for sometime in Kenya, which president was a guest of honour during the celebration and was declared the President of Ghana.

President Mahama himself described the errors as the printer’s devil.

In his acceptance speech after the award of the degree, President Mahama dedicated the award to the people of Ghana.

“Let me express, on behalf of the good people of Ghana, my wife Lordina and my family, appreciation to the Faculty and Staff for this recognition and honour done me.

"I consider this an honour for all Ghanaians and it is a reflection of the strides we have made as a people, both internationally and at home. I therefore dedicate this Doctor of Law honorary degree to the people of Ghana,” he said.

Source: Daily Guide