General News Thu, 1 Mar 2018

Private sector participation in digitising land administration crucial - Bawumia

Government has called for private sector support in digitising land administration processes in the country in order to enhance service delivery.

Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, who made the call at the Land Administration Reforms Conference in Accra, on Wednesday, said private sector participation in the automation of land service delivery was crucial, adding that, the days of manual land administration processes are over.

He said government fully supports efforts already underway in digitising land administration processes to increase information accessibility and co-ordination between stakeholders.

The forum brought together experts to brainstorm on challenges facing land administration and make recommendation for land reforms in the country.

The meeting is expected to set the right tone for an all-inclusive and frank discussion that would help government roll out strategic interventions for effective and efficient land administration in Ghana.

Vice President Bawumia said the automation processes required the contribution and support of the private sector, adding; “We must work towards forging and enhancing such partnerships”.


“The soon to be launched national identification system, the digital address system, our initiative in the paperless ports, the innovations in business registry and the issuing of driving license are all steps in digitisation environment.

“We believe in reducing unnecessary delays and bottlenecks that make our governance systems inefficient, slow, burdensome and fertile grounds for corruption.

“We must reduce the transactions costs of individuals and business people in every aspect of their daily lives in doing their businesses,” Dr Bawumia explained.

He said the Nana Akufo-Addo-led government was committed to creating a healthy Land Administration environment that promotes investments in land use and management for agricultural transformation, housing and industrial activities.

He said it was therefore imperative to make strategic interventions needed in addressing the fundamental issues plaguing the current land administration system.

“What we need is to build a solid framework and a common platform for effective and efficient land administration and a seamless service delivery in all land related matters across institutions,” he said.


The Vice President said land administration systems involved multiple processes and different institutions in determining and recording of land ownership, land value and land use, therefore, it was supposed to bring together various stakeholders, including the Judiciary and various land agencies for an efficient service delivery.

Vice President Bawumia said developing sustainable capital base for land administration required digitising land data, which would make it easier for clients to access information to reduce the turnaround time.

He said the National Land Policy adopted in 1999 intended to ensure the maximisation of the use and management of land resources to have positive socio-economic impact.

The Vice President said it was important to evaluate the Policy and suggest reforms to make it effective and meet the socio-economic dynamics of the society.

The land agencies in Ghana include; the Lands Commission, Office of the Administrator of Stool Lands, Land Use and Spatial Planning Authority as well as Traditional Authorities.

Source: ghananewsagency.org