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Wed, 19 Jun 2019 Source: rainbowradioonline.com

A Nigerian who has lived in Ghana for close to a decade, Uche Boaze, has jumped to the defence of the Nigerian professor who has been charged with incitement to breach of peace following the contents of a leaked tape in which he was captured making damming remarks about Ghana’s educational sector and alleged harsh treatment meted out to Nigerian resident in Ghana.

Professor Austin Nwagbara was seen meeting with some Nigerians in Ghana and implored them to use the Nigerian media to destroy Ghana in the eyes of the international community through negative reportage.

According to the professor, Nigeria already has a bad image mainly because of how they have been branded by others, especially by Ghana, so it is time to reciprocate that by coming up with innovative ideas and strategies.

“We’re highly skilled and highly talented and blessed people but many at time we lack strategy, Nigerians tend to lack strategy. You can have good skills, if you don’t know how to let people know it, it is there; dies, like having a factory full of items in the warehouse. If you don’t advertise it remains in the warehouse”.

“They have harassed us a lot, I know that… What I’m saying is we need strategies. I’ll suggest something which the embassy can think about; I know they know which they can do immediately at the Nigerians community. There is bad image for Nigeria; we can take it back through the press. We can reverse it.

“We have powerful Nigerian media stations, channels broadcast all over the world, there’s active online social media, the plot in Nigeria. Let them come here and run documentaries of the experiences of Nigerians and blast it all over the world. In three days Ghana would respond,” he said in the video.

Although he has been condemned, Uche Boaze, says the comments by his fellow national, was in good taste and cannot be described an incitement.

He said the comments made by the professor are a defensive move to salvage the attacks and tagging of Nigerians as criminals by the Ghanaian media.

‘’From what I gathered from the video, the professor was not inciting violence. He was calling for a strategic way to resolve our woes,’’ he said.

He said, crimes committed by Nigerians does not paint a positive picture about Nigerians but has asked the media to be circumspect in their reportage especially on ones involving Nigerian nationals.

He said the media is peddling xenophobia tendencies and tagging Nigerians as masterminds of the kidnappings whereas they make the Ghanaian suspects look like persons affected by influence of Nigerians.

He indicated that there are law abiding Nigerians living in Ghana hence the need to respect such persons and tag all Nigerians as criminals.

He spoke to Nana Adjoa Owusu on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm.

Source: rainbowradioonline.com
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