General News Wed, 25 Jan 2012

Prosecute Betty Mould Iddrisu And Kwabena Dufour

For Willfully Causing Financial Lose To Ghana

At his recent meet the press series the President said ‘’How can I be so criminal-minded, so irresponsible to say give 58million to any person...when I know the plight of our people’’ (Prez Mills). He went further to elaborate that ‘’ I know it is criminal, irresponsible, the height of naivety for a President to call his Minister of Finance and say pay this man this...’’

Implied in the President’s statements as captured above is the fact that the payment of such monies is criminal and irresponsible. It is therefore safe to conclude that whoever ordered the payment and whoever did the payment i.e. Betty Mould Iddrisu and Kwabena Dufour, the then Attorney General and Finance Ministers respectively committed a crime when they ordered and paid 58m to Mr Alfred Agbesi Woyome.

The Progressive Nationalist Forum (PNF) therefore request HE the President to bring criminal charges of wilfully causing financial lose to the state against the resigned Minister of Education and the current Finance Minister, for their roles in the payment of such gargantuan sums to Mr Woyome who never had a contract with the state (Section 179 subsection 3 of the criminal procedure code). It is our contention that they, should be further charged with aiding and abetting Mr Woyome to defrauding the state of 58m Cedis. The President should also take the further step to dismiss Mr Barton Oduro for his role and stance on the Woyome-gate scandal.

We further call on the President to set up an independent non-partisan committee to investigate allegations to the effect that Mr Martin Amidu had written to the Vice President, Mr John Dramani Mahama and Mr Ofosu Ampofo for their roles in the Woyome-gate scandal. The said committee should be given the further remit of going into all allegations of concealment of gargantuan crimes by some cabinet ministers.


Last but not least, we are reiterating our demand that the President should reinstate Mr Amidu within 17 working days to pursue the 58m cedis to its logical conclusion. We make a further demand that the monies once retrieved should be paid into the SADA account for the development of the three most impoverished Northern Regions.

God Bless Our Homeland Ghana.


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