Provide adequate resources to the police - Late policeman's wife appeals

Ghana Police Car The late Sgt Moses Tetteh Nartey died on February 1, 2021

Thu, 4 Feb 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Correspondence from Eastern Region:

Wife of the 38-year-old late Sargent Moses Tetteh Nartey, the policeman who was shot dead by armed robbers at Pramkese in the Kwaebibirim Municipality of Eastern Region on 1st February, has made a passionate appeal to the top hierarchy of the Ghana Police Service to provide adequate resources to officers to combat crime.

Mrs. Esther Korkor Nartey, deeply in sorrow indicated in an interview that the unfortunate situation would not have happened if the police officers were well equipped to face the armed robbers.

"I wish to say that they are our loved ones. The police officers are our loved ones. They are our siblings, our husbands, our friends...

"So, I plead that whatever protection they need...they (hierarchy) should come often to visit them so that whatever their challenges, in terms of their uniforms or arms, they can help them with.

"By this, when there is an incident, they (police officers) will be able to face it squarely to save victims. Whatever arms they need like police car, at least they should give them one, their guns among others should be made available so they can fight crime and protect citizens," the wife said.

Narrating what happened on that fateful day, Mrs. Esther Korkor Nartey said "On that 1st February, around 6:30am, I went to remove my child's school uniform on the dry line.

"Around that same time, I saw a taxi standing in front of the police office with some officers in uniform gathered there.

"I saw my husband dressing up hurriedly indicating they were in a hurry to go. So he bid me goodbye and I said they should go with the Lord.

"So 30 minutes after they had left, we all had gone to be in our rooms since the brave men in the house had left. So a certain bank manager living here came out on a phonecall shouting.

"We were all alarmed. Suddenly, we saw a crowd storming our house. So, I asked and the woman told me to relax. No one was telling me anything. I pleaded with them to tell me. And they broke the news that my husband had been shot and wounded.

"So, I planned to get some belongings to visit him at the hospital but they rather said I should be sent to my uncle's place. It was until we went inside the room that my uncle and mother told me what had really happened. They were unsure what would have happened to me if they broke the sad news suddenly to me," she narrated.

The late policeman's wife appealed to the police hierarchy to come to their aid since she and her late husband became couple only on 8th February 2020, just a year ago.

The police constable died leaving the wife and a five-year-old child.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com