General News Fri, 31 Jan 2003

Public Advocates Death Penalty - ADM

THE ACCRA DAILY MAIL(ADM) reports that, to Ghanaians, the two issues of major interest at the moment are armed robberies and the recent increase in the price of petroleum products.

Whereas the latter is considered by people generally as a necessary pain, which will soon pass or at least people would get used to, the former has left Ghanaians bewildered, frustrated and angry.

According to ADM, some people are grousing openly that the government is not being robust enough.

ADM has disclosed that, it has received information which is yet to be confirmed that, Ghana?s ?development partners? have given Ghana up to April 2003 to get the armed robberies under control, or they would be compelled to downgrade Ghana?s status as a safe country.

A more controversial consideration is whether armed robbers should be made to face the death penalty.


ADM?s informal sampling has revealed an overwhelming support for the death penalty to be applied to armed robbers.