General News Thu, 17 Oct 2019

Puma Energy boss details reason behind #bepumasafe global road safety campaign

Early in the month of October, Puma Energy, a global integrated mid- and downstream energy company with a local focus, officially launched its annual Global Road Safety Campaign, entitled #BePumaSafe.

This campaign was aimed to sensitize its staff, stakeholders, and esteemed customers across the country and the general public.

Keeping to the theme of last year’s campaign, the company retained the informative slogan already used and highlighted a number of key areas of road and site safety, reminding its audience through the use of brightly coloured posters to: “Be Safe, Stay Alert, Don’t Speed, Buckle Up, Drive Smart, Don’t Smoke, Stay Sober and Take A Break”.

The key area of focus was still to raise awareness about road safety and help influence, shape and change behaviour within our communities.

This year, in addition to launching at the head office and at the various depots and terminals within Accra, Tema and Takoradi, Puma Energy staff, led by the Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Community Manager, Mr Wilson Asota, took their safety messages to the commuters on Ghana roads.

This was done by branding a number of bus stops, interacting with both commercial drivers and private car owners, and speaking to a number of drivers and passengers at Circle bus station and at their various petrol stations.

Their message this year focused on the causes of the myriad of avoidable accidents happening on our roads everyday such as: fatigue, human error, aggression, speeding, unnecessary overtaking, the incorrect use of technology, the state of vehicles (tyres, brakes etc) and the state of our roads.

Interviewing the MD of Puma Energy Ghana, Mr Yahaya Yunusa, at the launch venue, he stated that: “Puma Energy is an OMC involved in the distribution and marketing of petroleum products and, as such, has a significant number of trucks plying the roads on a daily basis making fuel deliveries to its clients. Puma Energy is therefore primarily concerned with the level of road traffic accidents (RTA) within the market and deems it critical as a Corporate Socially Responsible Company to make its contribution towards the sensitization of all stakeholders and the general public on the need to be more conscious while driving heavy or light vehicles. Estimates provided by Ghana’s National Road and Safety Commission (NRSC) indicate that between 1991 and 2018 there has been 46,284 people killed from road traffic accidents, with an additional 411 deaths and 2,440 injuries from 2,126 crashes only for the first two months of 2019. These statistics are extremely high and we must all join hands to reduce this.”


Puma Energy is a leading global energy business which supplies, stores and distributes petroleum products in 48 countries across six continents. Founded in 1997, Puma Energy has its headquarters in Singapore and Geneva and regional hubs in South Africa, Puerto Rico, Australia and Estonia, and employs over 8,000 people globally.

Puma Energy has a network of 100 storage terminals, more than 3,000 retail sites, and a presence at over 80 airports. Our mission is to energise communities to help drive growth and prosperity by sustainably serving our customers’ needs in high potential countries around the world.

Source: Puma Energy