ROPAA will be too expensive to implement – Ephson

Pollster Ben Ephson Ben Ephson

Tue, 19 Dec 2017 Source: starrfmonline.com

Pollster Ben Ephson has predicted Ghana will have to borrow money in order to implement the Representation of the People Amendment Act 2006 (ROPAA).

A Human Rights High Court on Monday ordered the Electoral Commission to take all necessary steps to enable Ghanaians living abroad to vote in the 2020 elections

The Representation of the People Amendment Act 2006, (Act 699) was passed into law 11 years ago, during the Kufuor Administration, but has since not been implemented. The court presided over by Justice Anthony Yeboah said the implementation must be carried out within the next one year.

Commenting on the feasibility of the order, the Daily Dispatch’s managing editor told Francis Abban on Morning Starr that although ROPAA is healthy for Ghana’s democracy, the cost implication is enormous.

“If the government and the people of Ghana agree that those living outside the country vote, we should know that we might have to borrow to make that happen. I don’t want people to conjecture other people’s mind. There may be people all over the place who may want to vote for a particular political party. If you want to decide who rules the country, you must be able to contribute,” Ephson said.

He added: “I was happy that after 11 years, Ghanaians outside can enjoy that franchise. The same way, I think they should be ready to share the cost involved in making this happen. If you want to decide who rules the country, you must be able to contribute. I am sure the courts will look at the quantum after the modalities and cost analysis are done and make the right decision”.

Source: starrfmonline.com
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