Rasta Achimota Saga: Don’t let anyone intimidate you – Rastafarian Association tells dreadlocks students

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Tue, 1 Jun 2021 Source: happyghana.com

President of the Rastafarian Association of Ghana, Ras Ahuma Bosco Ocansey, has urged two Rastafarian students who by a court ruling are to be enrolled into Achimota Senior High School to hold their heads up high.

According to him, the parents and the boys should go on to enroll in the school per the ruling and continue with their education.

“We will encourage the boys to go to Achimota Senior High School. Everyone has a dream and aspiration and for the boys, we believe Achimota is their path.

We shouldn’t entertain any fears about their peace of mind in the school because it is a given. We know the school authorities and other students will not discriminate against them and accept them wholeheartedly,” he said.

He added that the two boys, Tyrone Iras Marhguy and Oheneba Kwaku Nkrabea are well cultured and will fit in well in the school.

“They are good students and will come out as some of the best from the school.”

Ras who regards the court’s win as exciting news, however, shared that they expected nothing less. “The jubilation in the courtroom yesterday proved how happy we were. We expected the ruling to be in our favor.

We knew the constitution was clear that no child was to be denied access to education on the basis of religion and were very confident of the outcome,” he told Samuel Eshun on the Happy Morning Show.

He added that some people will not like the court’s decision but “I only expect good sense to prevail so we move forward as one Ghana.”

To him, this case shows that it is time for the country to review its guidelines to the school system and prevent such an episode from ever repeating itself. “Ghanaians must know we have a culture and appreciate us as such,” he motioned.

Source: happyghana.com
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