General News Thu, 30 Jun 2005

Rawlings explodes on air

Former President, Jerry Rawlings on Tuesday flared up on a VOA programme after a caller into the show provoked him.

The caller into the VOA?s Straight talk Africa Show had described him as a murderer, a liar and a thief.

But former President Rawlings swore that he did not steal any money as being peddled by his opponents.

He described the caller?s allegation as uncivilized, and said he would not relish responding to them, and wondered whether the caller existed.

Ex-president Rawlings denied he owned a house in America, or Sweden, or any part of the world. He declared: ?I am throwing a challenge, I hope CIA and others would take it up.?


The former president challenged the CIA, German Inteligence and the FBI to come to Ghana, and investigate the allegations that he and his wife had stolen money, and stashed them in foreign accounts.

The former President is in America for a conference and he was on the show to talk about his life after the presidency.

?I dare the CIA, M15 and the FBI to investigate whether at the time of my leaving office, my wife and I had a dollar anywhere, in an account, in any part of the world. My integrity is at stake.

?I don?t want to respond to an uncivilized question?, he said

Source: Joy