Rawlings had more integrity than me – Amidu

Tue, 13 Feb 2018 Source: starrfmonline.com

Martin Amidu has admitted that even though he is a man of proven integrity, former President JJ Rawlings had more integrity than him, when he served as head of state of the country.

Responding to questions on his role in the PNDC era at his vetting in Parliament Tuesday, Amidu noted “The chairman (JJ Rawlings) himself had more integrity than me that is why he was able to control the ship of state to a successful ending”.

The Special Prosecutor nominee also noted he is unable to live at peace with criminals.

“I can’t live in harmony with criminals, that I can’t. Decent people, I can live with them but criminals, I can’t”.

The former attorney general also boasted he was the best person for the post of special prosecutor.

“…If you want anybody who will be meticulous in investigation and prosecution, the president has made the best choice for you,” he said.

Stopping leakages and corruption

Mr. Amidu who is a former Attorney-General and Minister for Justice from January 2011 till January 2012 told the Appointment’s Committee that he accepted the President’s offer because wants to stop the leakages and corruption bedeviling the country since the return to constitutional rule.

“It’s important that this country is stabilized to make sure that no one gets the excuse to stage a coup. This can be done when we protect the national purse,” Mr. Amidu said.

The vetting of Mr. Amidu was in near limbo after a former deputy Attorney General Dr. Ayine filed a suit at the at the Supreme Court on Monday arguing that the nominee is too old to hold the position.

He wants the apex court of the land to annul the appointment because “…by reason of his age, (66 years), Mr. Martin Alamisi Burns Kaiser Amidu is not qualified or eligible to be approved by Parliament as the Special Prosecutor under Section 13(3) of the Office of the Special Prosecutor Act, 2018 (Act 959).”

Source: starrfmonline.com
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