Regional Report: Chiana robbery victim shares chilling experience

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Tue, 23 Feb 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Residents of Chiana and other surrounding communities continue to live in fear as activities of armed robbers soar in the enclave.

At least, more than 10 incidents of robbery have been reported in different parts of the area and neighbouring town, Sandema, in the past few months.

There have also been several other reported cases in the other parts of the Upper East Region, which have further plunged the state of insecurity in the region.

The regional capital - Bolgatanga, Pusu-Namogo, Chiana and Sandema are noted areas where robbery activities have become rife.

In all of these incidents, the gunmen rape, assault and even kill their victims. One such victim (name withheld), who has had very bad experience with four armed robbers along the Sandema-Chiana road, told GhanaWeb’s Senyalah Castro in an interview what happened the night of that faithful day.

“My wife was admitted on a Thursday at the Sandema hospital so I went there to visit her and I was coming back to spend the night here (in Chiana) and go back in the morning. So, when I was coming back, I bumped into them on the Chiana- Sandema road”.

“I just bumped into them and I didn’t have any other option. So, they pulled me off my motor and just threw me somewhere. They were robbing other people and we were about forty people”.

The victim said the robbers assaulted him and took his money and motorcycle away. He explained that the chilling experience has since left him traumatized and does not feel safe in the town.

“I was beaten, tortured and they asked for all my assets, monies and other things. My money, phone and motorbike were taken away. Assets belonging to the other people were also taken away. It was very traumatizing.”

“I don’t feel safe in this area anymore. We are now scared living in the Chiana community, especially when we are plying that road in the night”.

He appealed to authorities to deploy additional Police personnel to make up the number already in the area. He also urged the Police to widen their patrol duties to the hidden parts of the enclave to flush out the robbers.

“in the night when someone is sick, you can’t send the person to the hospital because you fear you will be attacked by the armed robbers. So, the police should put barriers on all the roads and also patrol the area in the night. That will help stop the robberies”

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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