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Rejoinder: Rawlings is a spokesperson for thieves

Rawlings Tribute2 Former President, Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings

Thu, 13 Feb 2020 Source: Fidel Richard Bedi

The attention of the Forum for Probity and Accountability has been drawn to a publication on Ghanaweb on 10th February,2020 by one Alhassan Salifu Bawah a lecturer at the University of Education-Winneba.

In as much as we believe and respect the right to free speech we are also aware of our cultural tenets which enjoins us to respect our elders.

We want to emphasize that the publication of the office of the Fmr.President clearly defined the basis for the Fmr.President Rawlings' call and so attacking his person in the manner of Mr. Bawah, demonstrates the moral hollowness that has engulfed the University as a result of the injustice reigning there.

We want to remind Mr. Bawah that at his age, former President Rawlings has distinguished himself as a Head of State and a voice of conscience on the continent of Africa and the world stage.

The visionary leadership of former President Rawlings is what gave birth to the University of Education and paved way for people like Mr.Bawah to parade themselves as lecturers today.

The statement by the former President's office raises serious issues for which the University and people like Mr.Bawah should be responding to instead of attacking the person of the Former President.

We are surprised that Mr.Bawah could think that the Fmr.President would speak for others but what do we expect?Mr.Bawah needs to defend his daily bread which is dependent on how much of the Vice Chancellor's boot he leaks. We were expecting Mr.Bawah and the likes of him to respond appropriately to the numerous petition of their criminal activities that are flying in the corridors of the various state investigation Agencies to save the sinking image of the University.

It is obviously clear that the University is suffering a huge dip in public goodwill hence the continuous visit of leadership to some prominent members of the Ghanaian society with the promise of an award of a Honorary Doctorate Degrees.The real intent of all these is to give the Prof. Afful Broni( administration some white wash in the eyes of the public.Thank God we have a very discerning Speaker of Parliament in RT.Honorable Prof. Mike Ocquaye who would not fall for such face saving agenda.

We at this juncture invite the Office of the Special Prosecutor to be interested in the matter of maladministration and impropriety going on in that University-The UEW deserves better.

We want to advise Mr.Bawah to in future guide himself within the Mamprusi culture he referred to when he wants to make such comments and also avoid commenting on matters such as this one,which is obviously above his intellectual capacity.


Fidel Richard Bedi (Coordinator)

Source: Fidel Richard Bedi
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