General News Fri, 27 Feb 2004

Remove Black Star from National Flag - Spiritualist

Ho, Feb. 27, GNA - Mr Samson Tetteh, Grandmaster of the New Paradise Centre for Healing and Spiritual Awareness, on Wednesday called for the removal of the Black Star from the centre of the national flag because of its negative spiritual influence on the fortunes of the country.

Mr Tetteh who called at the offices of the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at Ho said the red, gold and green and the five-pointed black star, which make up the national flag are spiritual colours, which have their meanings and influences.

He said whereas the red, gold and green are positive colours the Black Star is both negative and positive, adding that, a black star has no place in the constellation.

Mr Tetteh asserted that the Black Star at the centre of the banner of the nation therefore, casts a deep negative influence on the psyche of the nation socially, politically and economically.

He said it was unfortunate that the spiritual meaning of the Black Star was lost on those who designed the flag whose motivation at best might be purely political and well intentioned.


Mr Tetteh said it was important that the anomaly was corrected before the country attained 50 years of nationhood to be able to realise its independence dreams and vision of a prosperous and stable democratic nation.

He said though the political climate in the country now tended to be influenced by democratic values, "the heat on the political scene is a manifestation of the negative influence of the Black Star".

Mr Tetteh said the country had been kept together because of the spirituality of Ghanaians manifested in nationwide prayers and fasting sessions and at congregational levels.

He said such nationwide fasting and prayers would be required to cleanse the nation after the Black Star was expunged from the national colours.

Asked whether there was any hope that his prescription would be acted upon, he said, "Spiritual prescriptions should not be dismissed". When asked to reconcile his assertion about the negative spiritual influence of black and the fact that Ghanaians are black, Mr Tetteh said the problem was not with Ghanaians being black but the abnormality in having a black star.

Source: GNA