Renew your commitment to Christ this year - Fr. Kpoanu

Renew Your The Parish Priest expressed worry about the incidents of broken marriages in recent times

Wed, 1 Jan 2020 Source: ghananewsagency.org

Reverend Father Roland Kpoanu, Parish Priest, Christ the King Anglican Church in Sakumono, has charged Christians to renew their commitment to Christ and make him the centre of their lives in 2020.

He said Christians ought to be faithful to God, obey His word and teachings and make resolutions of renewed commitment to His service.

The Parish Priest who was delivering a homily during New Year's Eve Service, called on Christians to proclaim Christ as the savior of the world and exude traits exemplary of Him.

In a euphoric atmosphere, parishioners clad in all white apparel, waved their white handkerchiefs as they chanted soothing canticles and songs of praise and thanksgiving for the Lord's protection and guidance.

Churches across Sakumono in Tema were filled to capacity with Christians, first timers and non-Christians alike as they donned spotless white clothing in a celebratory moods to usher themselves into the new year.

Fr. Kpoanu indicated that Christians needed to live peacefully and reconcile with others and said, "God gives us grace faithfully to bear his name and worship him in the freedom of the Spirit, proclaiming him as Saviour of the world."

The Parish Priest expressed worry about the incidents of broken marriages in recent times, calling on couples to stay true to their marriage vows.

Citing Roman's Chapter eight(Bible) , he said the spirit of God lived in human kind and Christians ought to shun the misdeeds of the flesh in order to share in the glory of God.

"Those who are in the realms of the flesh can not please God, " he said, cautioning parents to be weary of their wards who resort to using mobile phones and devices at unusual hours when they ought to be studying.

Meawhile, Very Reverend Father Emmanuel Gosu, Priest of Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Sakumono, has admonished Christians to at all times be humble, loving and prayerful as that would guarantee them a successful year.

Source: ghananewsagency.org