Rev. Frimpong Manso fires Presbyterian Church of Ghana again

Fri, 29 Jan 2021 Source: mynewsgh.com

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Former Moderator for the Presbyterian Church of Ghana Rev. Frimpong Manso has expressed worry over how he is treated anytime he attends church in Ghana.

According to him, regardless of his achievements in the Presbyterian Church, the Church fails to give him recognition when he is back in Ghana and goes for service.

He indicated that he is treated as an ordinary Church member and is not given the needed respect which is supposed to be accorded him as a former head

What’s worrying to him is the fact that Pastors have been threatened to be relieved of their Pastoral duties should they accord him the needed courtesies.

“If the church had no problems with me and there was no form of hatred, they would have even rejected my resignation letter because they knew my value and they knew the kind of work I’ve come to do in the Church. But since they accepted the letter and also wrote a Pastoral letter shows the bad mind they have for me. I will plead with the Church not to repeat such a thing especially not to any past leader.

By now I expected the Church to realize its mistake and part from their sinful ways. I leave everything to God because if you take my material belongings and I still have faith in God, I’m grateful. They should stop treating like an outcast when I go to church in Ghana because it is not right. The Church has still not seen that what they did was wrong but I leave that to God. Till today, all the Moderators who came including Papa Prempeh when they are drawing programmes and producing almanacs they bring their names but leave me out. The fact of the matter is that I finished my work as a moderator perfectly well and so they cannot rob me of that and all the work that I did. If the Church is a truthful church that believes in truthfulness, at least they will know that one Frimpong Manso was a moderator.”

“The Presbyterian Church of Ghana wrote a pastoral letter which is like a disclaimer telling all its Churches not to give me the VIP treatment I’m entitled to. The Church ripped me off all my entitlement. The leadership of the Church asked that I be treated like an outcast in every Presbyterian Church of Ghana I attend.

I’ve not done anything to the Church, all I did was that I did my work and the Church in the USA asked that I continued for some more years. The letter was distributed worldwide, it was just like a Pastor who has been sacked from the Church. All the things they said about me were lies. The Presbyterian Church is in our blood and anytime I go to Ghana, I go to the Presbyterian Church but I’m treated as a layperson. Even my own contributions to the Church have been pulled out of all the church documents,” he told Kofi TV in an interview at his residence in USA which was monitored by MyNewsGh.com.

Source: mynewsgh.com