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Richard Kumadoe to investigators: Don’t be overreliant on autopsy reports

Richard Kumadoe?fit=640%2C375&ssl=1 Renowned Security Consultant, Richard Kumadoe

Fri, 10 Feb 2023 Source:

Renowned Security Consultant, Richard Kumadoe, has counseled field investigators in the country to be proactive in widening their scope of investigations into death-related cases.

He indicated that although autopsy remains key in determining the cause of death and manner of death, it shouldn’t be solely depended on during investigations.

Mr. Kumadoe buttressed that autopsy only forms “just one little line which forms important part of the chain of investigation activities, and outcomes.”

The security expert gave the advice in a write up copied to while commenting on the recent West Hills Mall death report.

He noted that an autopsy report by itself would not necessarily speak to, or indicate, or point directly to many of the other activities field investigators would be interested in to arrive at the final outcome, even though it may be helpful, and serve as critical baseline formations and permutations.

According to him, causes of death, and manner of death are far from the eyes of the onlookers, therefore it is “very important for murder cases to be fully and firmly investigated, especially high profile cases which has the tendency of dividing public opinion, and can trigger high-level accusations.”

Detailing the weight death cases carried, Richard Kumadoe categorically stated that investigation reports are “critical parts of the entire team’s work,” which has to be “written, and presented in a manner that meets client’s satisfaction, devoid of silent ambiguities.”

The Sege Member of Parliament hopeful concluded and encouraged field investigators to by hook or crook do their better and be best at what they do as field investigators or as firms specialised in investigations.

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