General News Tue, 31 Aug 2010

Robbers Now Chloroform Passengers In Buses

Some few weeks ago, the police informed Ghanaians that armed robbers are now targeting people holding laptops or those who leave their laptops in their cars. Reported cases of thieves breaking into vehicles parked at various car parks and people being robbed whiles awaiting for vehicles at Bus stops, became the news of the day.

The police therefore cautioned people to be careful with their laptops and asked shop owners to strengthen their security at the various car parks.

However, information reaching peacefmonline indicates that these thieves have strategized new ways of collecting items from their victims. It is alleged that the robbers now board buses heading for long journeys, chloroform their victims and later steal their belongings.

Isaac Adu Nti, one of such victims narrated his experience to PeaceFm News during the Midday bulletin.

According to him, he boarded one of the VIP buses heading towards Kumasi and sat beside a gentleman on the same bus. The gentleman, who had biscuits and a drink in the hand, offered it to Isaac which he refused. When Isaac realized that the gentleman was being persistent, he (Isaac) pretended to be sleeping but unfortunately, his pretence became a reality.


Three days later, he woke up in a hospital and was informed that he was picked up from a culvert by some people who thought he was a drunkard but later, upon seeing a piece of paper with a telephone scribbled on it, they called the number which turned out to be his brother, who arrived at the scene and took him to a hospital.

Due to the fact that he could not readily recollect what transpired, Isaac presumes that the gentleman who was sitting beside him, chloroformed him when he slept.

All his belongings were taken from him.

When he became conscious, he reported the issue to the VIP executives but unfortunately the ticket was part of his personal effects that were stolen, so they (VIP) could not follow up on the case.

Source: Peacefmonline