SSNIT saga: NDC cannot rob the state - Anyidoho

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Sun, 3 Sep 2017 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Deputy General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Koku Anyidoho has said that the party under no circumstance will connive with corrupt individuals to loot the country’s resources.

Speaking to TV3 on the back of claims that the party has gone ‘silent’ on the SSNIT saga involving two key NDC members; Prof Joshua Alabi (former SSNIT Board member) and Kwame Peprah (former Board Chairman of SSNIT), Mr. Anyidoho debunked the claims, categorically emphasizing the fact that the NDC as an institution will not support ‘corruption’ on the part of any individual regardless of their membership in the party.

According to him, the NDC as an institution cannot rob the country, it is only individuals within the party that can and in such cases, they will be left to deal with the consequences of their actions on their own.

“What you can know for sure and I say that unequivocally is that if the investigations run through and somebody is found culpable, the NDC as a party shall not go behind massing and wanting to defend the indefensible, it will not happen. Individuals who have friends and family who think that they want to support, fine, but the NDC as a political party shall not publicly go in defense of the indefensible. Anybody who has done wrong, let him deal with his wrong dealing.

“The NDC as a political party hasn’t got hands, it hasn’t got fingers, it hasn’t got legs, it hasn’t got mouth so the political party called the NDC cannot as it were rob the state, if an individual comes in NDC clothing and goes to “rob the state”, let that person deal with his robbery”.

He said the supposed silence is because issues are still unfolding and until the matter is finalized after investigations, the party cannot make conclusions.

“I have granted interviews and I know the position of the party but the issue is still unfolding”.

SSNIT has been in the news for purchasing an OBS software at an inflated price of $72 million.

Former SSNIT Board member Prof Joshua Alabi, following the described the purchase as “value for money,” denying knowledge of the contract. He said the business was done before he took over from Mr Peprah.

Former Board Chairman of the SSNIT, Kwame Peprah however denied the allegations that his board approved a $72 million software contract for the Trust, calling them mere untruths.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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