General News Mon, 8 Oct 2018

Samira Bawumia commends Tema International School

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Second lady of the Republic of Ghana, Samira Bawumia has commended Tema International School for its academic excellence, leadership, cultural, sport and service learning to students.

She lauded the school at its 15th anniversary grand durbar which took place on 6th October, where she was invited as the guest of honour.

Mrs Bawumia stated that reaching a milestone marked the beginning of a new exciting adventure in the pursuit of academic excellence.

“For 15 years, Tema International School has been at the fore front of providing world class standard in education and I commend the school for this great feat. This journey has been a process of working through each step to arrive at one and the next one with each step motivating and inspiring the next it’s important to note progress and to celebrate success.”

Elaborating the theme for the celebration, she said this was an opportunity to remember the good and bad, being grateful for the present while projecting their dreams and aspirations.

“After reflection, those moments propel you, let them inspire greatness in you…let others be inspired by your story of resilience, perseverance and pursuit of excellence,” she said.

She also advised the school to inspire others with their story of perseverance while urging them to be diligent and live up to their values.

“I urge you to challenge your assumptions regularly, maintain and protect who you are and remember that being a person of integrity with right attitude is a valuable asset, apologize when you’re wrong, admit your mistakes, forgive and ask for forgiveness, above all stand for truth always.”

Source: ghanaweb.com