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Sannie Daara refuses to declare support for George Afriyie's presidency bid

Communications Director of the Ghana Football Association, Ibrahim Sannie Daara has refused to declare his support for George Afriyie after he openly declared his intention to contest for the Ghana FA presidency in 2019.

The former Great Olympics Chief Executive Officer during his 50th birthday celebration in Accra on Friday declared his intention to contest for the Ghana FA post in 2019.

But the former BBC worker, the staffs at the GFA to which he forms part are bound by law not to associate or take sides in the FA’s elections or whatsoever.


“Staff of the Ghana Football Association are bound by law to distance ourselves from the FA’s political dealings, making it very difficult for me to state my support or intentions towards the Association’s pending election,” he told Happy FM.

“We don’t take sides as staffers of the FA as far as the political aspect of the game is a concern. If anyone is interested to contest for a position at FA, what we as staffers can do to help him is that at the time for the elections we see to it that each one of them have free and fair elections.

“But as staffers, we’re never advised to associate ourselves with the FA’s politics or elections, let alone declaring our utmost support for an aspirant,” he explained.

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