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Scrap PIPS – Lawyer

A legal practitioner Eric Alifo wants the Police Intelligence and Professional Standards (PIPS) outfit to be scrapped.

Ghana Police Service established PIPS to help check the image of the police and to look into issues of misconduct against its officers.

He said the independence of PIPS cannot be guaranteed since it is in the hands of the same service hence the need to establish an Independent Complaint Unit to deal with cases involving the public and police personnel.

“We need an Independent Police Complaints Unit,” the director of Help Law Ghana told Francis Abban on a segment of Morning Starr dubbed: “Gender 101” on Tuesday.

His submission follows an assault on a customer of Midland Savings and Loans by a police guard last Thursday. The woman was beaten to pulp by the cop, who is currently on interdiction and faces court Tuesday or Wednesday over assault charge.

“When we have an Independent Police Complaints unit it will be a better body for us to go and complain,” Mr. Alifu stressed.


However, speaking on the same show, Angela Asante, the Government Advisor for Gender said institutions must be strengthened to function.

“I don’t think we need to scrap it [PIPS] immediately,” Asante remarked.

She added: “We need to strengthen it. We need to strengthen the confidence of the public in our security agencies.”

Asante commended the Inspector General of Police David Asante-Apeatu for “showing leadership” in dealing with the Midland Banking hall assault case.

She promised the government will continue to protect the interest of women.

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