General News Fri, 7 May 2004

Security Closes In On Bombers -Daily Guide

According to the newspaper, DAILY GUIDE, the security agencies are closing in on those responsible for the spate of bomb-scare that have rocked the city of Accra.

A security source which disclosed this to the paper yesterday, short of assigning political motives for the bomb-scare, noted that their investigations have found that the bomb-scares are not only a hoax but a calculated attempt to cause confusion and fear with the aim of blackmailing the Kufuor government, for monetary consideration.

The source stated that the security agencies know the direction from which these calls are coming, adding, ?we?re prepared to deal with it?.

It said the calls are coming from the handiwork of a noted serial caller to the radio stations but did not disclose the name of the suspect, stressing however that it would be premature to do so since the relevant investigations are on-going.

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