Sekondi residents unhappy about unappealing state of Essei Beach

Essei Beach Residents wants city authorities to intervene and adopt measures to resolve the situation

Fri, 16 Feb 2018 Source: Daniel Kaku

Scores of residents of Sekondi have expressed their displeasure at the current unattractive state of the Sekondi Essei Beach, one of the town’s resort sites.

They complain certain unfortunate decisions of successive Chief Executives of the assembly have rendered the beach unattractive and also posed a situation where the place is unsuitable for swimming and other merry making activities.

They explained that their protests against the dumping of rocks in the sea during the renovation at a bridge at the beach were completely ignored by authorities. Those rocks residents say have blocked the free flow of water to the beach.

Only last week residents explain, they saw a machine for the purposes of illegal mining at the beach which created the impression that some gold had been discovered at the site till it was proven otherwise on a later date.

Residents say they are unhappy about recent events as far as the beach and its outlook is concerned particularly because it is one of their treasured places of recreation.

They are therefore pleading with city authorities to intervene and adopt measures to resolve the situation.

Source: Daniel Kaku