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Sir John and the brouhaha

*Lawyer Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie AKA SIR JOHN* was NPP General Secretary before, during and after 2012 election. He fought tirelessly for the party and NANA ADDO as a person and he openly attack anybody who insults Nana Addo.

Sir John, Jake and Nana Addo took the 2012 election to Court out of dissatisfaction in a manner in which the election was conducted and declared and during the heat point of the case , Sir John openly condemned some hidden plot by some of the Supreme Court judges and he was found contemptuous and was charged. After NPP lost the case , Sir John declared that he will fight to see Nana Addo as a President whilst he was still a General Secretary which per the constituency of NPP he was not permitted to make that declaration.

Sir John on his response on his attacks went further to say " if Nana Addo can not campaign in 2016 due to illness he will carry him in a wheel and take him round the country until he see's him as President of Ghana" Sir John was lambasted for such comments but he never gave-up.

Sir John started the campaign for Nana Addo when the party has not even plan of its campaign. Between 2014-2016 Sir John became sick but he refused to seek medicsl attention outside the country and was still talking on Radio and on grounds campaigning for Nana Addo until he was forced latter to go to Canada for health delivery. Sir John couldn't stay in Canada for long due to his undescribed love for the new patriotic party because he needed to come and work with the Act. General Secretary at the party HQ which secretly gave him a name "shadow general secretary" but he never responded to the critics and other rumors that he was behind the suspension of KAA.

Sir John had his team to spy wherever NANA ADDO went during the campaign and he worked very well to achieved his aim of seeing Nana Addo as President.

Now: It was all over the news that Sir John will be going to Ghana Port and Harbour Authority of which Sir John confirmed that he has been promoted on that until the game started changing that somebody in USA has shown interest in that position and he is likely to get it.


Not all rumors needs to be swept. Per the grounds on which those saying that Sir John is likely to lose that position should be checked and be giving the requisite attention.

Sir John openly said it that he doesn't need any Ministerial Position because he doesn't need more pressure since he is over 63years and the body is also growing I know very well that Sir John has not prepared for any position a part from Ghana Port.

Though it has not been confirm that the USA man will finally take it but , you know sometimes if you don't speak about your hair style you may get vulture style.

*Sir John needs to be remembered* Concern youth for the new patriotic party.......

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