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Sister Deborah was shocked when I called to ask for a feature – Medikal

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Sun, 19 Mar 2023 Source:

Musician Medikal born Samuel Adu Frimpong has revealed how his former fiance Sister Deborah was shocked when he called her for the first time after their breakup for a feature.

Medikal has featured Sister Deborah on his latest single Cold and Trophies.

The feature came as a shock to many Ghanaians who did not expect the two former love birds to produce a song together after their relationship failed.

But speaking in an interview on Accra-based Kingdom FM, Medikal indicated that prior to recording the song, he never had in mind who he wanted to feature.

However, while in the process of recording, he felt Sister Deborah’s vibe was needed on the song hence his decision to feature her.

When asked whether it was difficult to get her to feature he said: “I’m not at loggerheads with her. We dated and things did not work out but that does not mean we have problems. When I called her for the first time after a long while, she was shocked I called. She then asked for the song, listened to it and sent her verse over to me”.

On whether his wife had a challenge with him recording with his ex, Medikal said “my wife was cool with the decision. It’s business and therefore we need to treat things without emotions, she was cool”.

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