Sit up or face sanctions! – Nana Ato Arthur tells lazy government workers

Nana Ato Arthur   Dr. Nana Ato Arthur is Local Government Service boss

Wed, 1 Aug 2018 Source: 3news.com

The Local Government Service has warned government workers in the country’s local assemblies fond of sleeping on their jobs to sit up or risk sanctions as the Service has vowed to crack the whip on such lazy workers.

“You know me, you either sit up or I crack the whip,” Head of the Service, Dr. Nana Ato Arthur said on Tuesday when at the confirmation and swearing in of the MCE for Effia Kwesimintsim Assembly.

Though he did not say how widespread the issue is and how it is affecting local government business at the various regions, he said those caught slacking could face dismissal.

Nana Ato Arthur cautioned workers of the newly created Effia Kwesimintsim Municipal Assembly to work hard to support the MCE, Kojo Acquah, in order to ensure the success of the Assembly.

He urged Mr. Acquah, who was unanimously approved by the 20-member assembly, to endeavour to publicise projects funded with property rates in order to encourage people to pay their property rate fees.

“You remember we used to inscribe HIPC on projects undertaken with such funds to ensure transparency? You need to do same”, he advised.

The MCE expressed gratitude to all for the full endorsement and pledged to use his office to expedite development in the municipality.

“I consider my confirmation as a magic wand that will urge me to work hard. I pledge to ensure good leadership so the citizenry live in peace and be productive to ensure the development of this assembly,” he stated.

Source: 3news.com