Six Tunisian stowaways arrested at Tema Port

Mon, 30 Apr 2018 Source: dailyguideafrica.com

Security officials at the Tema Port, in collaboration with the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS), have apprehended six Tunisian stowaways.

The foreigners reportedly hid in a box in a vessel which sailed from the Port of La Goulette in Tunisia to the Tema Port.

Officials of the Tema Port revealed that the stowaways were escaping economic hardship in their home country.

Speaking to the media, the Port Security Manager, Lt. Col Joseph Punamane, explained that one of the stowaways was rushed to the Port Clinic for immediate medical treatment.

He said besides the medical treatment, they were also given food to restore their energy.

According to him, “They complained that they didn’t eat for three days. The crew said they fed them very well, so we don’t know whose word to take. But we first took custody of them and gave them food to eat. We also took them to the Port Clinic to be examined.”

Touching on security at the port, Lt. Col Punamane stressed that authorities at the port had improved security systems that would help arrest individuals who want to stowaway.

“We have put in place a lot of structures; our CCTV cameras, as well as trained dogs are very active and our personnel are also very vigilant,” he added.

Lt Col Punamane indicated the stowaways would be immediately repatriated to their country.

It would be recalled that in the early part of the year, the vigilance of security agents led to the arrest of four people who attempted to stowaway at the Tema Port.

The four were found on board the vessel MV AS Carelia, which berthed at Meridian Port Service (MPS) terminal.

The vessel was expected to sail to Holland from Ghana that midnight when they were arrested.

Source: dailyguideafrica.com