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Sobbing judge says Anas is a spirit

Believe it or not, one of the Judges, who have been appearing before the committee set up to probe the corruption scandal that has rocked the Judiciary has told this paper that The New Crusading GUIDE’s ace investigative reporter, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, is a spirit.

Speaking to the paper under strict anonymity, the Judge, who has already confessed to taking the bribe to the committee said, “I knew that there was trouble coming because, as soon as he gave me the money, he disappeared from the sofa he was sitting on. I was sweating and did not know what to do so I knew this day would come. That is why I have confessed that I took the money because I am afraid he may use the spirit to kill me if am not truthful.

The Judge said he did not argue with the committee because he could remember vividly that he took the money to influence the case and would be ashamed not to admit it.

He warned his other colleagues who are fighting that their efforts would be in vain because they are not dealing with a mortal but a spirit.

Continuing his story, he said when Anas disappeared from the sofa, he, out of fear rushed outside and saw a white sheep, pure white sheep, walking away from the house but was quick to add that “What I am not sure is whether Anas had turned into that white sheep or had vanished, but I knew that was the end, and that is why am not arguing”.

Asked what he would do next, he said he was praying that the committee would not make his case criminal and asked Ghanaians to pray for him to go away quietly since he had confessed, and therefore is more honourable than the rest who know they have taken the money yet sit around and seeking to fight a fruitless battle.

Asked about the suspension by the CJ, he said that it was proper, and that even if the CJ had not suspended him, he could not have sat in the court anymore, he said whilst sobbing.

On the screening of the video, the Judge opined that it was better for everything to come out as soon as possible than delay. “So I don’t mind the shaming because I was prepared for the consequence”.

Q; How did you prepare, for this piece of news?

Ans: As soon as I received my letter from CJ, I called my wife and two children and asked them to forgive me. I narrated the whole story to them. It was a sad day but they gave me strength and called our family pastor to join us. I got counsel and I know it was better to accept your short-comings and seek to change your old ways for a better tomorrow, said the learned Judge.

On whether people had called him on the incident, he said, “I quickly changed my line to avoid unnecessary calls from friends and family so I am just hanging on to see when the committee will finish with its final work and see where my fate lies, he said amidst his palm supporting his chin”.

He is therefore warning all those fighting to beware of who they are fighting with and that they are likely to face the wrath of some spirits if they continued. “I have seen it and I know that I am talking about".

Source: New Crusading Guide

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